Glamour-NYC is the leading resource in LED light therapy devices. We’ve completed a multitude of clinical trials to present the most innovative, safe and effective anti-aging technology. The utilization of our products are designed around convenience, comfort and most importantly…YOU. Backed by science, Glamour-NYC takes pride in giving you the benefits of infrared light therapy within a line of sophisticated products that give you the results you’ve always wanted.
With the rapid advancements of technology, scientists have partnered industrial devices and science to produce man-made results to real world issues. LED (light emitting diode) light therapy was one of the many innovations that surfaced. Initially, research was conducted to accomplish goals such as: Cultivation plants in outer space, improve and heal medical injuries, and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. As the list of benefits and advantages grew, industry professionals also turned to LED light therapy for skin care and dermatology demands. In the beginning, LED light therapy were accessible through dermatology clinics and upscale spas. Glamour-NYC was established to provide modern day dermatology devices equipped with affordable pricing. 

Advanced Skin Care Solutions

Glamour NYC is dedicated to providing you with advanced and innovative solutions for complex skin conditions and imperfections.