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Michelle A.

This is incredible! I really was shocked when my blemishes and oily skin started to dissipate after a couple of months of using it. It's actually fairly portable and I take it with me when I'm traveling for work. Not only does it help my acne and oily skin, but it's very soothing after a long day at work and I'm in the hotel. I've been using it for a while now and my complexion looks much clearer like it was when I was in my 20s.

Veronica C.

It's really surprising what this small device has done to fix my complexion. I get bad acne from makeup and it makes me real self conscious when I recognize new blemishes that come up if I don't take it off all the way. I started using this product and it's done wonders to fix the acne problem. Because my pores are tightened from it, I can tell that the makeup isn't getting too deep in them and it's created like a protective barrier or something. Totally recommend this to anyone suffering from a similar issue.

James H.

I have a cosmetic clinic and I bought this device for my clinic and sometimes can't help it but jump in it myself! My clients are raving about the results they're receiving from it and soon enough I might need to get a second one. This was such a great investment for my business because the treatments truly are so relaxing and the results just speak for themselves!

Sarah G.

I can't recommend this face mask enough. I don't get the best sleep in the world and I often wake up with puffy bags under my eyes and some circulation problems in my cheeks. I started using this a few months ago and it's been amazing for me. I think that the blue leds work best for my condition but it could be the other two as well. I absolutely love this machine and it's been one of the better things I've bought for my skincare regimen.