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Phantom - Dry Sauna

Phantom - Dry Sauna

The Phantom capsule is the ultimate full-body thermal phototherapy experience that will transform your wellness routine. Using the power of far infrared thermal energy and 7 different light wavelengths, the Phantom is designed to provide a range of wellness benefits that can enhance your body's natural healing processes. 

Far infrared thermal energy is a type of energy that is naturally emitted by the human body, and it has been shown to have a range of health benefits. By using far infrared thermal energy in the Phantom capsule, you can enjoy these benefits in a controlled and targeted manner. Far infrared energy penetrates deeply into the body, which can help to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the production of collagen.

In addition to far infrared thermal energy, the Phantom capsule also uses 7 different light wavelengths, each of which has been proven in studies to promote overall wellness. These wavelengths include red light, blue light, green light, yellow light, purple light, cyan light, and white light. Each of these wavelengths has unique benefits, ranging from reducing bacteria and inflammation to improving circulation and enhancing metabolism.

But the benefits don't stop there! In just one 30-minute session in the Phantom, your body can burn up to 600 calories, thanks to the state-of-the-art thermal energy system incorporated within the device. That's right - you can burn calories and improve your overall wellness all at the same time!

The Phantom capsule is designed to provide full-body coverage, enveloping you in a comfortable and relaxing environment while you enjoy the benefits of thermal phototherapy. The device is easy to use and can be customized to your preferences, with adjustable temperature settings and multiple light wavelength options to choose from.

Regular use of the Phantom capsule can help you achieve your wellness goals, whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your skin's appearance, or simply enhance your overall health and well-being. And with its sleek and stylish design, the Phantom capsule is the perfect addition to any home gym or wellness space.

So why wait? Indulge in a full-body thermal phototherapy session with the innovative Phantom capsule and discover the transformative power of thermal energy and light wavelengths for yourself! Order now and experience the benefits of the Phantom capsule firsthand. Your body will thank you!

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