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Revolutionary + | Black Edition

Revolutionary + | Black Edition

The newest device in the home sauna market, our Revolutionary+, is a one-of-a-kind enclosed pod with thermal active energy and LED light therapy technology designed to improve your wellness. The technology incorporated in this pod assists in detoxification, weight loss, stress reduction, skin rejuvenation, and mind calming. 
The Revolutionary+ is a game-changer in the home sauna industry, changing the game with a comfortable sitting position and armholes, equipped with the latest infrared and LED light therapy technology. Prepare for the most relaxing experience you've ever had in the comfort of your own home.  
The many potential benefits of the Revolutionary+ include aiding in weight loss, reducing bacteria, enhancing blood circulation, increasing collagen synthesis, improving scar appearance, and stimulating the skin cells to result in tighter, smoother looking skin.
This enclosed pod combines the power of thermal active energy and LED light therapy to elevate your health and relaxation. The Revolutionary+ offers a unique blend of benefits, from detoxification and stress reduction to skin rejuvenation and weight loss support. Unlike traditional saunas, this game-changing device allows you to sit comfortably with convenient armholes while enjoying the latest infrared and LED light therapy technology. Get ready for the most luxurious and soothing home spa experience. Among its many potential benefits, the Revolutionary+ aids in weight loss, enhances blood circulation, reduces bacteria, promotes collagen synthesis, improves scar appearance, and leaves your skin looking tighter and smoother. Experience the future of home saunas with Revolutionary+ by your side.

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